Prickasso, Quackademic, Fartner, etc: new words to cheer up your writing

Further to the popularity of my first list of new words for you to use to enhance your writing, here are some more that will bring further sparkles to everything from your business emails to  your laundry lists. Enjoy.

Infernolising, n. Psychotherapists’ description of a patient who rages and vents in anger to the point of spitting fire.

Baby Bloomers, n, pl. Septuagenarians who have had more than three facelifts.

Behindfulness, n. Being aware that your butt lift makes you look like a Dromedary camel on its hind legs despite the surgery having cost you 150,000 BRL reais in a sweaty São Paulo clinic.

Bentagon, n. Crooked pentagon. [Read more…]

“I help people” … but so does everybody else

Updated February 13th, 2020. How often do you see in written bios, and hear in business networking meetings, “I/we help people/clients to…..” ??

I help people...

Do you fall into the “I/we help you…” trap?

Of course there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a good way to start off for a number of reasons. That’s why so many of us use the “help you” way into the introduction. Then what happens?

We get the death of a good phrase, and the birth of a cliché

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How to write some bantastic new words for 2019

If you’re fed up with the English language and how its sheer lunacy can drive us all doo-lally, here’s a nifty thought or three.

Who says we can’t write our own new words in English?

Writing bew words for 2019English has been around since the fourth century BC. Well, some of its forms have been, anyway

According to Wikipedia The earliest form of English is called Old English or Anglo-Saxon (c. 550–1066 CE). Old English developed from a set of North Sea Germanic dialects originally spoken along the coasts of Frisia, Lower Saxony, Jutland, and Southern Sweden by Germanic tribes known as the Angles, Saxons, and Jutes.”

So why are we constrained in writing new English words?

Bottom line is, we aren’t. Why should we genuflect to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), relying on them to approve new words? Here are a few from its December 2018 list. Surely we can do better than this?  [Read more…]

What about new words for your website in 2016?

As you may have seen a while back I suggested that this might be a good time for you and I to have some thoughts about your writing-related business progress in the New Year.
What about updated words for your website in 2016
Already I have shared some trigger thoughts you may well find handy for creating your calendar of blog posts for 2016; and here are some further ideas in case you want to give your website an updating tweak or three. [Read more…]

New words you might find handy…

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Incestment: investing in your family business

Going through my archives I tripped over some new words I coined while waiting for some body-snatching procedure or other during the course of one of my medical treatments a couple of years ago. (These are along the lines of those “Washington Post” new words made from existing words with just one or two letters re-arranged.) [Read more…]