Content Writing News – top curated articles for February 2015

Content Writing News February 2015Thought you folks would like to see the latest updates on what I curate, as well as the latest articles here on HTWB about content writing, that my privileged mailing list members see at the end of every month. Here is what we shared at the end of February 2015… [Read more…]

Want millions of readers? Write like the Daily Mail

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The Mail isn’t exactly renowned for its quality of writing.

It seems there’s method in the apparent madness of what we read in the UK’s Daily MailJackson Rawlings lifts the lid off this controversial Pandora’s box…Sz.

So I’m guessing your initial thought was “why the bloody hell would I ever want to do that?” and I can’t blame you — the Mail isn’t exactly renowned for its quality of writing. [Read more…]

Jackson shares the Daily Mail news as he helps write it

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Jackson Rawlings in his current job: “we have to create content so invasive and permeating that it is consumed everywhere from the train to the loo.”

A big welcome back to our very own Jackson Rawlings (as in HTWB Students writing fame) who has now ascended to dizzy heights in cyberspace, as a Blogger Outreach Specialist at the Daily Mailno less. Our sincere – and very well deserved – congrats to him … and here’s his fascinating account of the brave new world of news gathering, 21st century style…

Marble. So much marble.

That was my first thought as I entered the palatial surroundings of my new workplace… [Read more…]

The A-2-Z of business blog writing: N is for News

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Your interpretation of the news, and that of your business, can be really valuable for your readers

What a glorious source of blog writing inspiration – the daily news! No, not what the latest idiotic politician has done or the most recent scandal in the Kardashian family, but your  interpretation of and reflection on the news, if not across the board, at least within your own industry or area of interest. [Read more…]

News media: how many steps too far this time?

HTWB News mediaAre newspapers truly getting too big for their boots in an attempt to sell papers in the light of online competition? Here in the UK this week we have been entertained by a raging battle between the current leader of the Labour (leftie) Party and a well known right-wing tabloid newspaper, the Daily Mail.

The mud-slinging started when the conservative DM accused the late Ralph Miliband, father of the current Labour Party leader Ed, of “hating Britain” because he had happened to swear allegiance to Karl Marx (who happens to be buried in England.) [Read more…]

How to be a grown-up journalist: news reporting

origin_2567469865Former Fleet Street journalist Rhiannon Daniel shares her tips on how to use traditional reporting skills to get your content into the main news media…

In this series of four pieces – they never call them ‘articles – I’ll introduce the major stuff you’ll need to know if you want to sell work into the traditional news and magazine media.

Writing for newspapers and magazines – offline or online – isn’t like any other kind of writing. It requires a wide skillset.

News gathering, editorial decisions, writing skills and editing

So you want to write for the news media? [Read more…]