How to write a really nasty obituary (but it sells newspapers)

My Left Boob by Sally Farmiloe-NevilleA few days ago, a friend from many years ago died of triple negative metatastic breast cancer, aged 60.

She was an actress; a reasonably good one. Not the best, but workmanlike. She was very pretty, lively, a great socializer and socially very well connected due to a “posh” family background.

She was extremely intelligent and used this to organize events, parties and other functions to raise money for, among other organizations, numerous charities and good causes. [Read more…]

How to write an obituary

small__3628798841When you lose someone close to you – particularly if he or she was a known figure in your community and/or beyond – you may be asked to write an obituary.

This is not the same as a death announcement. An obituary is a longer piece of writing that summarizes your loved one’s life and achievements, as a tribute to them.

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And because the need for an obituary is going to arise very soon after your loved one’s passing, you may find some help on how to write this particularly useful… [Read more…]