OF COURSE – a humorous poem about pompous egocentrics

How to write better humorous poetry … a tribute in verse this time, to people who love to patronise others by prefacing everything they say (almost) with the term “of course.” These people invariably consider themselves (or want to be considered) as superior in knowledge on the topic concerned. And “of course,” by reading what they have to say and taking it in, you are acknowledging their superiority…

Funny poem about the term of course

Hmmm…I don’t think so. Do you? Read on…


“Of course” is such a snotty term
Used by controlling a-holes
It works its way into a worm
That patronises all souls. [Read more…]

What is it about OF COURSE that turns people off?

For some years now several friends and I have been spitting out fur and feathers over the way some people use the phrase “of course.” Why? I suspect it’s because “of course” harbours some rather stinky and pompous connotations, rather like when people say “utilise” rather than “use” and “at this moment in time” rather than “now.”

HTWB of course
And worst of all, it seems to mean that if you don’t agree with the connected statement or assumption, you are in some way inferior. Why? Keep reading… [Read more…]