How to shine online: 7 video presentation tips from an expert

With COVID-19 having sent us all scuttling from live interaction to our on-screen doppelgängers, please join me in welcoming back one of the UK’s leading presentation trainers – Dr Simon Raybould of Presentation Genius – to share his tips on how to come across well and as much like your real self as possible on the new, essential online video platforms. Here’s Simon…

“Do whatever you can to be seen to be a real person,” says Dr Simon Raybould of Presentation Genius 

Live presentations are out of the window right now. They might never come back. Given how bad most of them were that might not be totally a bad thing 😉 But moving to online presenting is more than just turning on the camera and microphone and then praying. [Read more…]

How to get powerful off-camera interviews for your online video

There is lots of information here on HTWB about how to get good interviews for testimonials and other specific sales activities, whether on video, audio or in print. However using an interview approach for any type of documentary or business video is a very useful and credible way to tell a story – whether sales orientated or not.

How to get powerful interviews for your online video

What you need is a simple way of interviewing people that is comfortable for you (as the amateur interviewer) and them (as the twitchy interviewee.) Image with many thanks to Hosting Canada.

So here are some tips on how to get the results you need, whatever the purpose… [Read more…]

DIY video-ers: why proper video scripts save time and money – and don’t bite

Further to my article a while back in which I promised to show you how to write a video script, here we are and here it is in the form of a short(ish) tutorial. If you haven’t seen one of these animals before panic not: they are very friendly and never have been known to bite anyone…

DIY video-ers - why proper video scripts save time and money, and don't bite

And it’s intensely helpful. Why? Because the script allows you to plan out your video – even if it’s only 3 minutes long – so when you come to shoot and edit it everything falls into place and you get a far better result than you would by randomly shooting this and that and hoping you can pull it all together in the edit. [Read more…]

Hey, business video makers: aren’t you forgetting something?

Hey, business video makers - aren't you forgetting something?Speaking as someone who has written and produced more business videos than you can shake a stick at, I was fascinated to read the following training schedule for a 4-day course on how to make digital business videos.

We’re not talking pure production here: the company concerned feels that this is all you need to do to create a business video from start to finish. So why am I bitching? [Read more…]

Business video: 20 flexible question prompts to make you a star

Recently I’ve been working with some colleagues putting together training on how to create, write and produce good quality online business video, even if all you do is shoot it on your phone. I came up with some adaptable question prompts for clients to use – either to prompt themselves if they’re speaking to camera, or for an off-camera interviewer to ask them so they’re reminded of what they need to say.

HTWB video smartphone

Even if you use your smartphone to shoot your business video, you can still come over as a capable professional. These question prompts will help your words stay on track.

These lists are developed from the corporate video interviewing I have been doing for a long time now, so I know that they work! They also work if you’re using email to get testimonials or “live” quotes from people to use in text-based communications like email, website text, LinkedIn profiles and endorsements, etc. Here are just three adaptations of the core questions, and you can use these basic ideas to adapt for other related uses, too. Please note that you don’t want to use them all, as some are variations of the same question!

[Read more…]