Writing names for new weed products in Stonetario, Canada…

With recent news in Ontario, Canada that manufacturers of drinks and other products are keen to get in on Canada’s incoming legalisation of fun-filled weed, here are some suggestions for bespoke brand names that will take the new market by storm…

Let's all get high in Ontario

Not to be smoked with a pinch of salt…

Names for new cannabis drink and food products: some ideas

Doctor Potter

A & W Cream Stoner [Read more…]

Canada Day: why I find it hard to write about

HTWB CDay flagBeing a born and bred Canuck I value Canada Day on July 1st each year because it celebrates the country I belong to and the country I love.

It’s a day that should – and I hope does – inspire more and more new Canadians from wherever they might have immigrated from to celebrate being Canadian and committing themselves to the future of a wonderful country.

We’ve all heard the jokes about Canada being a freezing cold wasteland… [Read more…]