How to write what you feel at this personal time of year

Of course you know how you feel. But do you know how to write it down?


In many countries this is the time of year when we exchange Holiday wishes; we catch up on news with old friends and family who live far away; we thank such friends and family for their thoughts, their kindness, their hospitality, their gifts and more.

So what are the best ways to express wishes and thanks?

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How to write about difficult or painful issues

Knowing what and how to write when someone has died, is terminally ill, and other very sensitive and often painful circumstances is never easy. In this curated selection of articles from here on HTWB, I have pulled together some of the most up-to-date ones to help you with such subjects, for you to bookmark if you’d like to.

How to write well about difficult or painful issues

Knowing how to write sensitively to someone going through bad times is a very important part of your relationship with that person.

You never know when things like this will happen, and when they do you may find the assistance very useful.

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How what you write can hurt more than pain

How what you write can hurt more than painHave you ever found that someone you trusted and valued was just, in the end, using you? Have you ever felt that you have been taken for a very bumpy ride purely because you were useful to the ride-initiators at the time? [Read more…]