Black lives don’t just “matter.” They are our world.

So, so sad for George Floyd and his family and friends: with love and fondest condolences from me and HTWB. Suze.

Racism is a poison.
Please help destroy that poison.
George and many others like you in the past: you never, never deserved this hideous end to your lives.
We cry for you: not just for you, but for the implications of how you died and what those have come to mean in the USA – as in, for that matter, other countries around the world.
And we cry even more about the hideous mess that US politics has become; ironically at a time when national unity should have been even more important than ever.

George Floyd, RIP.


Where next for non PC writing? Eraser executioners, perhaps?

HTWB executionerYou should know by now that I have a fairly schizoid attitude towards political correctness where writing is concerned, as you would have discovered in this article** we shared last year.

But last week I nearly choked on my Tassimo / Costa Americano (and no, I don’t work for them) wakey-wakey brew when I read the following on my phone, from the BBC News website
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