The A-2-Z of business blog writing: N is for News

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Your interpretation of the news, and that of your business, can be really valuable for your readers

What a glorious source of blog writing inspiration – the daily news! No, not what the latest idiotic politician has done or the most recent scandal in the Kardashian family, but your  interpretation of and reflection on the news, if not across the board, at least within your own industry or area of interest. [Read more…]

The A-2-Z of business blog writing: M is for Moderating comments

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Even an aggressive comment
sometimes can help you make a point

Welcome to our first business blog writing post of 2014! And today we continue with this series…

What do you do if you get a comment on your blog that says you’re wrong? Calls you an idiot? Trashes your reasoning?

Dump it into the trash box, of course. But … wait a minute… [Read more…]

The A-2-Z of business blog writing: L is for Long blog posts

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How long is a piece of…
…ideal blog post?

There is a lot of controversy out there in the blogosphere about the optimum length of blog posts.

It’s tempting to say that however long a blog post is, as long as it’s interesting and continues to grab hold of readers’ interest, its final length doesn’t matter.

But… [Read more…]

The A-2-Z of business blog writing: K is for Knowhow

blogging,business,writing,knowhow,Suzan St MaurInformative, authoritative blog posts are very valuable. But too much knowhow can put readers off if it’s dry, dull and boring.

No worries, however; there are ways to lighten the load and make these posts more appealing. [Read more…]

Selfies in your blog posts? Nah, try Belfies and more…

Selfies in your blog posts? Nah try Belfies and more

My one and only Selfie. Ever.
Yes, that is my nose and hand.

Images in our business blog posts are very topical right now, especially as copyright rules are getting a lot tougher.

Solution? Go for Selfies.

But hey – aren’t these getting a bit pedestrian? [Read more…]

The A-2-Z of business blog writing: I is for Ideas

This article is a bit of a no-brainer, really, because I already have written extensively on how to get good ideas for your business blog posts.
HTWB ideas

Before I start sharing links with you to other articles on here, though, let me share a bit of my commonsense thinking with you.

There are two kinds of ideas for business blog posts

One, is the obvious topics that all the so-called “blogging experts” will tell you to focus on. All you have to do is Google “ideas for business blog posts” and (at the time of writing) there are about 213 million answers.

What’s sad, though, is that many if not most of those will be concentrating on the topics that are so obvious, your bright 12-year-old kid will have predicted them – some time ago.

Of course, it doesn’t pay to ignore those obvious blog post topics if for no other reason than you need to have them in place – as your competitors will. And of course yours will be better and more informative!

Now how about two: topics over, under and beyond the obvious? This is where my workshops and online 1-2-1 tutorials can help you enormously, but in the absence of those right now, let me direct you to the following menu of advice we’ve already published here on HTWB…

How to get ideas on what to blog about

Rather than detail everything here, previously I pulled together a number of articles which contain triggers for business blog post ideas that you can either use directly, or adapt to fit in with your own business and marketing strategies.

Click here to see it now

Use those ideas to help you move on from OK business blogging, to Outstanding business blogging.

Don’t be shy: you have the potential within you to do it. OK, maybe with a little help from me.

blogging,writing,blog writing,business,newsletter,,How To Write Better,Suzan St MaurIn the meantime, please don’t hesitate to give me a shout if you have a question about your business blog writing. If it’s just a question I’ll gladly answer for free, but if you need more extensive help – say, over an hour’s Skype or a Google Hangout – I’ll need to charge you a fee. But I’m worth it.

And for now, how do you go about drumming up ideas for your business blog posts? Do you have any secret methods that work wonders and if so, would you like to share them? Please do!

While you’re here, don’t forget to stop by my Bookshop…books and eBooks to help you write better – and to give to friends and family (don’t forget the Holiday Season is coming soon)…

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