How to shine online: 7 video presentation tips from an expert

With COVID-19 having sent us all scuttling from live interaction to our on-screen doppelgängers, please join me in welcoming back one of the UK’s leading presentation trainers – Dr Simon Raybould of Presentation Genius – to share his tips on how to come across well and as much like your real self as possible on the new, essential online video platforms. Here’s Simon…

“Do whatever you can to be seen to be a real person,” says Dr Simon Raybould of Presentation Genius 

Live presentations are out of the window right now. They might never come back. Given how bad most of them were that might not be totally a bad thing 😉 But moving to online presenting is more than just turning on the camera and microphone and then praying. [Read more…]

Business writing stories from the coalface…your business or your life

Life as a business writing wallah isn’t always merely a matter of applying fingers to keyboard. Here’s one short story that I think I should save for the autobiography…

Never waste a business opportunity

Business writing stories from the coalface...your business or your life

When you write speeches for life assurance sales people, you ARE going to buy a policy from them. Aren’t you.

[Read more…]

Help! I’ve got to give a short speech at my company’s Holidays do and I’m no extrovert…

speeches,business,social,presentations,public speaking,weddings,occasions,writing,speakingDear HTWB Agony Columns

As a senior manager at my company I’ve been asked to say a few words at our Holidays party on behalf of “the workers…” I know what basic things I should say but hell – it’s the Holidays, so I know I should lighten up a bit. But that will be hard for me as I’m not what you’d
call a “showman.” What do you recommend?

Aaron from San Diego [Read more…]

Speeches and presentations: scripted or seat of the pants?

medium_2075045856 (1)Having written literally thousands of speeches for clients over many years, I firmly believe in the discipline scripts provide so that from there, you make a natural yet well structured presentation.

Many others, including experts like my dear friend, presentation training supremo Simon Raybould, would not necessarily agree. But let’s get something straight here. [Read more…]

Now, that writing help you want will be with you in seconds

I have dragged myself, kicking and screaming, into the wonderful world of eCommerce, and my eBooks are finally available instantly (well, as long as you pay for them).

New: instant downloads for all Suzan St Maur eBooksThat’s as opposed to paying for them and then trusting me to send the books out to you once PayPal had notified me – often hours later. Thank you to the hundreds of readers who bought books anyway and trusted me to send them out manually. You’re stars!

Getting that eCommerce show on the road wasn’t easy, I can tell you.

I’m so spooked by technology that it has taken me nearly a year of paying for membership of E-Junkie before I could build up the courage to go find out what was needed to put 6 of my books up on there. Wimp or what?

But over a couple of days of pacing myself, I read up on the processes and experimented with one book until I figured I had got it about right. I had a couple of false starts, e.g. where I forgot to upload one book and wondered why the link didn’t work. Fail.

And voilà!

(Don’t you love these English-only spell checkers that insist “voilà” should be a “viola?” Quels cons.

As always in these circumstances, after figuring out the whole thing one should slap oneself on the forehead and say “of course! It’s so easy! Why has it taken me so long when I could have done this months ago?” Because, er, I’m utterly technophobic, that’s why.

But I did have to smile when my son asked me what I was doing, while I was struggling away with the E-Junkie processes. A snatch of the dialogue…

“Well, all I have to do, so it seems, is just cut and paste the HTML into the HTML editor on my site, and that’s it really.”

“Sorry Mum, you lost me. I just use techie shit for email, Facebook, Word and Excel. Haven’t a clue what you’re on about.”

It’s comforting to know that despite being Mum I do know a bit more about “techie shit” – in some areas – than a 21-year-old university student…

So what can you get as instant downloads now?

Click on the sidebar, top right, or to see individual eBooks, click on the green titles – go …

Business Writing Made Easy
From blogging to business emails, speeches to sales letters – all you need to know to write well for business in English

How To Write About Yourself
Simple, effective ways to make the most of yourself in writing, whether for an “about” page, CV/résumé, biography, testimonial and much more

How To Write Winning Non-fiction
Described as “the book writing coach in your pocket” … the  comprehensive guide to devising, planning, writing, publishing and promoting your non-fiction book

Super Speeches – how to write and deliver them well
How to develop, write, and perform speeches and presentations for all  business and social occasions, with practical tips on delivery, rehearsal, etc.

Banana Skin Words and how not to slip on them
Over 1,500 tips on how to avoid making common spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes – the perfect guidebook to carry on any writing journey…

The English Language Joke Book
Hundreds of laughs about this crazy language … a perfect little eBook to entertain you in spare moments, when you’re travelling, etc.

…and there are more to come in the very near future.

So what are you waiting for?

In the time you’ve taken to read this article, you could have got all of these books in your inbox!


photo credit: greg westfall. via photopin cc

Super Speeches: how to write and deliver them well

Super Speeches: how to write and deliver them wellIf you ever need to write and give a presentation for business …
a speech at a social occasion …
an audio recording or podcast …
a video production for your website …
or several more speaking needs …
here’s some expert advice – plus loads of tips that will make your speech spectacular!

This is Suzan St Maur’s 20+ years’ experience of speechwriting for business and social clients packed into one 25,000 word eBook…

… Want it right now? It’s just USD $4.50 (GBP £3.00 approx.)

You’ll receive your copy within a few hours of the PayPal transaction going through – Suzan processes all sales herself along with writing a personal note to you.

Here’s what you get:

1.Presentations for business and other non-social activities

  • So, what about that preparation?
  • Cut the clutter
  • The right order
  • Openers and closers
  • Spoken speech
  • Basic spoken speech skills
  • Writing for someone else
  • Why a full script?
  • Anecdotes and humour
  • Visuals

2.Audio presentations

  • Remember that audio speech really is “a word in your ear”
  • There’s no mystique about spoken speech
  • On a website, work with the online text – don’t fight it or mirror it
  • Use a crisp, uncluttered style
  • Check everything you write by reading it aloud
  • Words on their own become boring
  • Use a voice artiste to record your audio track

3.Video presentations

  • Speaking to camera
  • Off-camera interview technique
  • A word about sound for video

4.Social speeches

5.Rehearse, rehearse

6.Delivery tips

  • Advice from an expert drama coach
  • Delivery tips: my own
  • Microphones: how to use them
  • Some further tips of mine

7.Women speakers

  • Advice from an expert drama coach

8.Some sample scripts

  • Business, after dinner
  • Business, same client, conference (day)
  • Business, same client, radio show
  • Social, father of Bat Mitzvah girl
  • Social, bride
  • Social, mother of bride

So don’t hesitate – grab this eBook today before it goes to Kindle and print and becomes more expensive! … Now just USD $4.50 (GBP £3.00 approx.)

You’ll receive your copy within a few hours of the PayPal transaction going through – Suzan processes all sales herself along with writing a personal note to you.