Professional writers take note: what do your wheels say about your writing skills?

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Why some so-called professional content writers make me want to cry

There are times when I really could throw in the towel and say, “why on earth are writers like me trying to make a living out there producing high quality text” when people like this are around?

Are there really businesses and individuals who would pay for someone to write material for them in English, to the sort of standards this individual uses? If so, I think maybe I should retire and go grow orchids.

But surely not – surely good sense prevails … somewhere? The following is the text of an unsolicited message I received on LinkedIn recently.

Dear Sir, (How many male Suzans do you know? And there were only about 10 of us on his email list, so it’s not that he was standardizing his mailout.)

Thank you for your reply! (I hadn’t communicated with this guy. Nice try.)

I am a (Indian city)-based content writer. Besides it, I am also a graphologist and photographer. I have a plan to start my own article service. So, I am searching for some interested people who can outsource me regular article assignments.

Right now, I am a sole writer. So, after my business stands on its foot, then I will engage more writers to help me. My current rate for per word is $0.007. I can write on any subject. I am in content writing for last 6 months. I have already written more than 1,00,000 words till today. If you are interested to help me in this regard, then please contact me at (email address.)

Have a good day!



Should we feel sorry for him?

I’m sorry, but I think the answer is no. If you’re going to offer your services as a writer of English, then at least learn how to write it properly.

It wouldn’t be quite so awful if he was trying to get English writing assignments from fellow E2L speakers who might not object to his un-English use of the English language. But this kiddie was after international business in English writing, presumably from many people and companies for whom English is their first language, and for whom reasonably accurate English writing is paramount.

Do you think he deserves to get it, because his “per word” price is so cheap? Or should someone go “stand on his foot” and tell him to perfect his English before trying to market it as a worthwhile commodity – especially to native English speakers? Do you think he actually deserves to get little or no business from this lame marketing attempt?

Let me know …

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