Writing for a living – and for life: an interview with Ali, Suze and a Sprocker

I was really flattered to be asked by the amazing Ali Moore, psychotherapist and coach at Bemoore, to feature in one of her Reconnection videos on YouTube.

Bemoore Reconnection

Ali Moore

Ali’s Reconnection series, as the name suggests, explores times in people’s lives when they have – either voluntarily, coincidentally or accidentally – reconnected with themselves and others and so made substantial improvements to their happiness and wellbeing.

In this video, I share the time when, after many years focusing on advertising writing while writing and marketing my own books, [Read more…]

ChickLit that isn’t ChickenSh*t

Please welcome counsellor, psychotherapist and former journalist Rhiannon Daniel with what I hope is one of many delightful guest posts. Here she shares her typically lively views, on ChickLit … one of fiction’s most “popular” genres…

medium_4408892521Anna Karenina, which I reread earlier this year, is, technically, ChickLit.  Tolstoy, considered one of the greats of his era, often lapsed into waffle but among that stuff about trains, peasants and the intricacies of old Russian ‘society’ was a literary bodice ripper. It left everything to the imagination, yet it worked.

The Brontës were endlessly examined, interpreted and worshipped, but would have sold fewer were it not for their pulsating sexual tension.

I once thought that I might write for that flagship of modern ChickLit, Mills & Boon. They sent me twenty pages of instructions. [Read more…]