But you’ve GOT to get written permission…!

“But you should have got written permission!” shouted the Chairperson of a charity group, connected to a public sector entity, of which I am a member. “Why the hell didn’t you?”

“Permission to do what?” I snorted.

“Well, permission to take photos of that department which we were asked to critique.”

“I made sure there were no staff members or other people in the photos as the rules state, and just illustrated the problem rather than write it all out.Must get written permission“But you should have got permission!”

“From whom? We don’t need permission if there aren’t any staff members or other people in shot.”

“Oh, well, I don’t know, but you should have got permission.”

Our Chairperson at the time was a retired formed Head Honcho within another public sector organisation. Given his high-flying title you’d think he would have been very comfortable with decision making and knowledge of who needs what permissions to do what, where, when and more. [Read more…]

The great communication fiasco

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Why do organizations have
such problems in communicating
internally as well as externally?

I shared this article initially on LinkedIn and after only a few days I’d had over 800 reads. Ergo I’m assuming that this communication issue is not just a frivolous figment of my imagination.

Hence, I am now sharing with you the article concerned. (And I tell you what, the comments I received on this article are fascinating, too.) [Read more…]

Bullying in business: how a freelance writer copes

medium_2512997167 (1)My earliest experience of a business bully was in my first ever job after leaving art school, having graduated from there after having completed a journalist apprenticeship. Although none of it was university stuff, by then I had been educated to within an inch of my life. Venturing into the business world as “advertising executive” for this company, I approached the Monday sales meetings with more than a little trepidation. [Read more…]