How to write a successful nonfiction book proposal, part 1

Many people want to write a nonfiction book and now that the whole book publishing picture has expanded into a good choice of options, getting your book published by yourself is relatively easy and should not break the bank, either.

How to write a successful nonfiction book proposal, part 1

We still can’t deny that there continues to be some useful kudos in having your nonfiction book published by a “proper” publisher…

However much as we authors may smile cheerfully when it comes to self-publishing and co-operative publishing, we still can’t deny that there continues to be some useful kudos in having your nonfiction book published by a “proper” publisher – i.e. a conventional trade publisher with the industrial-strength distribution power and a name everyone has heard of. (And that applies to publishing eBooks as much as it does to the printed variety.)

Here’s the series you need to get your nonfiction book proposal right

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Story time for authors working with book coaches

Should I trust a book coach to get my book published

Have you been invited by a charming book coach to help you get your book written and published?

Once upon a time not a million years ago I had a book marketing client called Miranda. She wrote romantic fiction and had been working with a Fairy Godmother Book Coach (FGBC).

Miranda had been paying the FGBC at least GBP £500 (USD nearly $790) per month over a period of well over a year: Miranda was inspired to write a trilogy of novels and of course this takes time. Mucho months at GBP £500 a hit. [Read more…]

Book reviews going cheap! Get your book reviewed here for only £10!

HTWB book reviews

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Tutorial: nonfiction book publishing 2014 – the skinny


What has changed in nonfiction book publishing since this article was published early in 2013?

Here we take a look at what, if any, changes there have been in the last 18 months since I published an article called “Book publishing in 2013: easy, worthless, or worth it?” This originated from a my response to a question on LinkedIn about the state of book publishing at the time, and my own predictions for the future. Let’s now see what has changed and if any of my predictions have come true… [Read more…]

Writing a novel? For NaNoWriMo? Here’s how to bring yours alive – just in time!

How To Write Fiction Without The FussRemember how much we enjoyed Lucy McCarraher’s amazing series of tutorials called “How To Write Fiction Without The Fuss,” here on HTWB earlier this year?

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How To Write Fiction Without The Fuss: submitting your manuscript successfully


Welcome to Part Thirty of this popular series. In this final part* of the series, novelist and publisher Lucy McCarraher shows you how to submit your manuscript to a publisher or literary agent in the best possible, professional way, so – with luck – it will skip over the “slush pile” straight into the hands of an interested party. (*Don’t worry, by the way – Lucy is back in September with some really exciting new series – see below.)
How to write fiction without the fuss
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