Yay! We’re back in the Pun Zone

For all you punthusiasts out there, here is a selection kindly shared by the lovely Howard Winn who is a keen contributor to my Facebook group, The Joke Street Journal

Yay - we're back in the Pun ZoneThis is where we exchange jokes so we can escape from work and have a good laugh. A bit of smut is OK but no porn, racism, homophobia, jokes about disabilities or excessive vulgarity/scatology. Members are free to add their favorites, and you don’t have to pass an exam to get in ! Do join us.

In the meantime – I have seen a few of these before, but the majority of gags are new to me. Hope they are to you too. Punjoy… [Read more…]

Yummy puns for foodies

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I’m not kidding: puns really get my goat.

Some tasty puns for food lovers … bon appétit.

Bakers trade bread recipes on a knead-to-know basis.

I’ve seen some really awful truffles in my day.  Nobody knows the truffles I’ve seen.

When I realized I was addicted to Thanksgiving leftovers, I decided to quit cold turkey. [Read more…]

Puns-erama: can you laugh like a lexophile?

puns,lexophile,laugh,funny jokes,humor,hilarious,writing,Suzan St Maur, How To Write Better“Lexophile” is a word used to describe those who love using words in rather unusual (potentially pun-ridden?) ways, such as “you can tune a piano, but you can’t tuna fish”, or “to write with a broken pencil is pointless.” [Read more…]

Welcome to PunZone: stand by for some doozers

puns,jokes,humor,writing,Suzan St Maur,How To Write Better,howtowritebetter.netHere is the latest selection of awful puns which I know loads of you love.

Enjoy … and please share your favorite puns in the comments!

Many thanks to my good friend Eleanor for sharing these with us. [Read more…]

Setting your password: a guide for, er, beginners

Here is the online text discussion you can expect to endure the next time you’re asked to set a new password…many thanks to my good friend Laurence H. from London, England, for sharing…

HTWB rosesSorry that password has expired- you must register a new one.

Did anyone discover that password and hack my computer? [Read more…]

Old questions no-one, er, ever writes answers for

HTWB HUMOR logo smallSome of these questions have been around for years. So why haven’t they been answered? Would you like to help out here and provide some answers? That would be great! [Read more…]