What to write to someone whose relationship just broke up

Here on HTWB we have quite a lot of advice on what you can write to friends and family when someone has died, when someone has been diagnosed with a terminal disease, when someone just found out they have cancer, and a few more.

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Some people might think that to advise on what to write when a relationship breaks up is quite a different ballgame. But when this happens to you (and when it has happened to me) it’s obvious that this can be almost as traumatic an experience as a bereavement.

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Here are some of the permutations of this sad experience, and how you might react to those if they should happen to someone close to you. [Read more…]

Book review: UK family law demystified, in plain English

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New book demystifies UK Family Law

If you thought it impossible to see the phrases “book about family law” and “a good read” in the same article, never mind the same sentence, think again. For the first time ever, with “Family Law Made Simple” by Slater & Gordon Lawyers and Sarah A Thompson, I read a book about professional services from cover to cover without stopping.

Just under 150 pages of their practical, sensible advice and explanations flew by, punctuated by the occasional wry comment or joke. It’s good to know that law can be interesting and lawyers can write well (congratulations, guys!) [Read more…]