Researching on Google: just ask the damned question

Researching on Google - just ask the damned questionRecently my son, who is a post grad (MA) marketing management student at a UK university, asked me to help him find a customer profile on Google for a particular British food company about which his course was developing a business simulation project.

“What’s the matter with Google?” he shouted from his section of our rambling house over a trail of sleeping dogs and cats all the way to my home office. [Read more…]

12 tricky tips to help you research online – and get great results

Updated Jan 11th, 2020. Having been researching for my own and my clients’ writing projects online for as many years as the internet has been a viable research tool, I have learned a few tips and shortcuts to finding out a few trickier pieces of information that some less world-weary online researchers might not have thought of yet!

Here are some of the tricky shortcuts I’ve learned to help me do really worthwhile research online.

Here are my top 12 Tricky Tips for you to try out… [Read more…]

Researching on Google? Watch for those sell-by dates

HTWB Google

I find Google absolutely incredible as a resource to help find out about absolutely anything. But ….

For most of us, Google has replaced the old-fashioned “public library” as a resource for research. And it’s brilliant: there is no doubt whatsoever that it has brought most of the world’s written resources right to our desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, etc.  [Read more…]

How to catch a keyword for your business blog posts

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Keywords advice is everywhere, but how do
you decide on which ones to start with?

Everywhere you look in internet marketing circles there is advice on everything to do with keywords, apart from one rather basic thing: how to decide on what keywords to start working with. Why is it that so few experts can give you a simple answer here?

(For a list of the top 10 most helpful articles on blogging for business as chosen by our readers, click here)

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How to write a good questionnaire

How to write,questionnaire,questions,answersWriting the bare bones of a questionnaire should, some say, be left to the industrial psychologists and other scientific experts who know how to get inside our brains and wriggle around in there to extract useful information.

I don’t agree. (Now there’s a surprise, huh.) Why? [Read more…]

No time to post? Grab hold of this ghost.

Online ghostwriting, researching and editing to save your time and add value to your business

medium_1629269As you know, writing for your business online can eat up many valuable hours of your time that you would prefer to spend on other things.

Next time you find yourself writing a blog post at midnight or editing your website text all weekend, give me a shout and put your mind at rest. [Read more…]