Bored with all these reviews of 2013? Try this for a change…

New year,2014,2013,review,humor,funny,jokes, hilariousWhy can’t people be a bit more creative with their reviews of the old year? Hope you enjoy this poetic tribute, inspired by a similar tribute my friend Angelika wrote to the imbeciles who took nearly a week to install her new cooker (stove) recently. Ahem… [Read more…]

How to write a restaurant review: now the book – soon the movie?

Does the road to fame and fortune start on You probably remember Sam Worthington’s excellent article on here about writing restaurant reviews. Anyway, the blog has turned into a book and it’s a winner-in-the-making. And who knows what next? Movie blockbuster starring the other, er, Sam Worthington?

Here’s what I wrote about the book in a review on Amazon… [Read more…]