How to write a restaurant review: the menu and the wine list, Part 4

In this fourth part of the late Sam Worthington’s short book, “How To Be A Savvy Restaurant Reviewer,” Sam takes a long, hard and savvy look at the menu and wine list.

How to write a restaurant review: the menu and the wine list, Part 4

You can tell an awful lot about a restaurant not just by the contents of the menu and wine list, but also by the way – and when – it is presented. Read on…

Why a good reviewer shares in-depth comments on the menu and wine list

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How to write a savvy restaurant review: introduction Part 1

You may well remember one of HTWB’s most popular writing articles, “How to write a restaurant review” … ? That was written by one of my oldest friends who sadly passed away in 2015.

How to write a savvy restaurant review: introduction Part 1

Another issue that will invariable come up is price. That can be divisive as well because we all eat different things, drink different amounts and have different ideas about what is expensive and what is not.

Having had me nag at him to write a short book that expands on the original article, author Sam Worthington went ahead and produced it.

Seeing how amazingly popular Sam’s original article has been here with more than 25,000 reads, his family have given me permission to reproduce the text of the whole book in a series. Bon appétit. [Read more…]

Book marketing: what REALLY sells books in the modern marketplace?

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Proper book marketing can take your book out
of the wilderness and into the best seller list

In this guest article, Australia-based author Alana Munro shares her advice on how to market your book successfully in today’s marketplace…

Most weeks I receive similar emails from authors with this urgent question, ‘Alana, I see your own book was a success, can you make my book a bestseller too?’ [Read more…]

Help! How can I write really good reviews for TripAdvisor?


Dear HTWB Agony Columns

I want to start writing reviews for TripAdvisor as I love travel, vacations, eating out and all the other things they focus on. How can I write reviews that stand out and that may eventually lead to me being considered as a good, professional reviewer, perhaps for a local or regional magazine?

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ChickLit that isn’t ChickenSh*t

Please welcome counsellor, psychotherapist and former journalist Rhiannon Daniel with what I hope is one of many delightful guest posts. Here she shares her typically lively views, on ChickLit … one of fiction’s most “popular” genres…

medium_4408892521Anna Karenina, which I reread earlier this year, is, technically, ChickLit.  Tolstoy, considered one of the greats of his era, often lapsed into waffle but among that stuff about trains, peasants and the intricacies of old Russian ‘society’ was a literary bodice ripper. It left everything to the imagination, yet it worked.

The Brontës were endlessly examined, interpreted and worshipped, but would have sold fewer were it not for their pulsating sexual tension.

I once thought that I might write for that flagship of modern ChickLit, Mills & Boon. They sent me twenty pages of instructions. [Read more…]