How to make benefits your best friends in business writing – 10 Quick Tips

Everyone in business knows – or should know – that benefits are what customers and prospects are interested in when it comes to what you have to sell.

How to make benefits your best friends in business writing - 10 Quick Tips

What if there are so many features that it’s hard to translate them into benefits?

But all too often businesses get stuck on the features of their products and services, without relating them to what’s in them for the customer. Result? Poor  results.

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Do you know what you’re REALLY selling before you write about it?

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They know what they’re selling–sex.

Heaven forbid that I should harp on about the old features and benefits  number again, but something I read in my fellow Canadian, Toronto-based **Tsufit’s latest email has made me take a look at this issue in a different way. [Read more…]

The Holidays buying frenzy – a culture of vultures?

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The Holiday Season: feeding our greed?

Given that most of us in western industrialized countries have just experienced two weeks (or so) of ongoing festivities, you can’t help but wonder how the beliefs of this time of the year have been interpreted among faiths that don’t celebrate them.

Why should they? Because, if nothing else – and here I am talking at my most commercial and cynical – the whole gift-giving period represents an extraordinarily good opportunity to sell, sell, sell. [Read more…]

Help! How can I write good real estate ads that will work for my new business?

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Dear HTWB Agony Columns

I run an independent estate agency in the UK (North Americans would call it a real estate brokerage, I think?) and much as I’m no writer, I’m appalled at the awful way British property sales people write their ad copy which is full of grammatical and other mistakes. [Read more…]

Elevator speeches: we help our customers to ZZzzzzzz…

Elevator speeches: we help our customers to ZZZzzzz...Psssttt … did you know that potential customers are bored fartless by the stock answer to “what to do you do,” e.g. “we help people like you to quadruple your turnover in a week / make employees slave 12 hours a day for you until their hands bleed / have rampant sex that makes a jack rabbit look boring / etc.?

Recently I have been attending several face-to-face business networking meetings and as you know, most are prefaced by the ringleader getting everyone to introduce themselves.

Without fail in the last few weeks, each time I hear those words “we help our customers/clients to…” all eyes drop down to the smartphones for a surreptitious email check… [Read more…]

The REAL secret of writing words that sell successfully…


Successful writing for marketing and advertising is about how well you think – not just how well you write

The real secret of successful marketing writing: what you think!Savvy international business and marketing writer, Suzan St Maur, shares her best-kept secret for devising killer messages that sell and persuade powerfully.

And here’s the first part … success is mostly about the way you think, not the way you write!

In her book, “The MAMBA Way To Make Your Words Sell” Suzan St Maur shows you how to use the same 5-step thinking process that has seen her successfully craft winning radio, TV, print and online marketing messages for her wide-ranging clients over many years.

Suzan reveals, “Many people think that a marketing message will work provided that it’s well written. That’s true in a way, but only because if it’s badly written, it won’t work at all. However what’s more to the point is that if the thinking process behind the marketing message is wrong, then the message will also be wrong, no matter how beautifully it’s created and written.”

This book will help anyone faced with the challenge of using the written or spoken word persuasively to align their final objectives with a message that works first time, every time.

And that’s not just for professionals, although they will gain some useful insights from this book, too.

It’s really aimed at the DIY business writer who needs all the help available to make messages sell … whether for a product, a service, some ideas, proposals, or any other marketing/business objective.

Suzan says, “There are many good books on marketing, and many good books on how to write for marketing communications. Unfortunately there was a gaping hole in between the two. This book has been written to bridge the gap and provide the ‘thinking tools’ people need in order to translate marketing strategy into a powerful and persuasive marketing message.”

By using Suzan’s MAMBA approach to devising your message you’ll no longer go off down blind alleys with concepts that are wrong for the job. The best writers get straight to the point because they build on solid foundations – which saves time and money. This book shows you how to do the same.

95 pages. No bullsh*t.

Instant download: just USD $4.50 (GBP £3.00 approx)

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Seriously, MAMBA will transform your marketing writing into first-time successes, every time.
You’ll be delighted with the extra persuasion – and extra sales – you’ll achieve just by sharing this simple secret with me.