Help! I’m writing some training material and want to use actors. Any advice?

Hi Suze … I am currently developing some business video training where I would like to use actors. What advice could you give me on what to prepare for them to use? And what stories of using actors for business video can you share?

Angela from Manchester, England.

HTWB-Agony-generalHi Angela

One thing I would recommend (speaking from my experience of writing scripts for actors in training/corporate video and business theatre) is that you write them a good script.

Not even Lord Olivier could have made a bad script work. Either hire a pro writer to do it for you or if you want to DIY and need a little guidance, stand by as I will be sharing some thoughts on script writing here on HTWB in the coming weeks. [Read more…]

How to cope with a corporate fist fight

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Fisty-cuffs in the corporate boxing ring?

Have you ever been to a meeting where people get so wound up they come to blows? You wouldn’t expect that in a civilized corporate environment, would you? But it happens.

I was reminded of that recently when three members of a group of distinguished professionals I was working with argued so violently that cappuccino was airmailed across the leather-topped boardroom table … [Read more…]