Does your book’s title really need to be SEO friendly?

You’re writing a book – or you’ve finished it – and now you’re looking for the right title that’s going to whack it up to the Number 1 spot on Amazon.

Does your book's title really need to be SEO friendly?

Where the title and tagline really do matter, is in the book’s page listing on Amazon (and all other online book retailers, too.)

Like every other kind of literature from a hard-boiled selling point of view, your book’s title needs to shout out not what the author or publisher thinks portrays the gist of the story.

Nope: what the title (and its hangers-on i.e. taglines, blurbs, etc. which we’ve looked at elsewhere on HTWB) needs to convey is what this book is going to do for you. [Read more…]

Small business: “We don’t have to be on page 1 of Google? Are you nuts?”

There’s nothing like a digital bombshell to make someone choke on their Skinny Latte. But choke the lovely Howard did, when I said he was nuts to try to get on to Page 1 of Google.

“What the f*** do you mean? We’ve just spent thousands on a fancy new humdingering all-singing fully optimized website and SEO consultancy and you’re telling me it’s not necessary?”

htwb-google-2016Poor Howard’s eyes were bulging by now, but of course wasted money to him is about as welcome as a t*rd in an ice bucket. He is an accountant. [Read more…]

Why subheadings are a blogger’s best friends


Who has time to read every single word of text these days?

Who has time to read every single word of text these days? Your readers? Not often. Here’s how the right use of subheadings – or crossheads, as they’re sometimes called – can make sure your readers get the gist of your message in seconds – and, duly enticed, go back to read every word.

Which of the following two excerpts from articles gives you the more “eye appeal?”

(For a list of the top 10 most helpful articles on blogging for business as chosen by our readers, click here)

[Read more…]

Tutorial: SEO for idiots, written by an idiot

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SEO for idiots, written by an idiot

As you will have gathered from the headline, I am not an expert in SEO. In fact before I researched this topic, in all probability I knew less about SEO than you do.

What I do know about it is not as detailed as the inside of the cat’s nether regions, but let’s put it this way: as a result of my research I now understand the basics. So with luck by sharing them with you here, at the end of this tutorial you will know the basics, too. And for most of us, that’s all we need to start with, and to build on. [Read more…]

SEO is dead: long live SEO

small__7460433450Google updates, whether we like it or not, usually have an influence on how and what we write – especially for business. To find out just what changes are taking place now, I asked digital business expert James Coakes to share his views on it and how it is affecting content creators…

The latest Google update has started to roll through the index and many are questioning whether SEO is dead. Some in the industry are removing SEO from their names (SEOMOZ became MOZ at the same time as Penguin 2 arrived). [Read more…]