A short story for Remembrance Day


by Suzan St Maur

story for Rememberance Day

The gravel hitting the window caused me to wake with a start. I curled back the curtain and looked out. Silly lad. I silently raised the sash.

“I thought you were going back to the base tonight!”

“I was. I did.” Will stage-whispered. “Then I went out again. Back door, so to speak.”

“Ooh, naughty.”

“It gets naughtier. [Read more…]

Granny, là voilà: a true story for Halloween & All Saints Day

A true story by Suzan St Maur

Her raucous breathing had been rattling the room for nearly 24 hours. I lay back on the garden sun lounger chair beside her bed and dimmed the bedside light. Just as my eyelids started to flutter, the clattering stopped. Started again. Stopped. Did not start again.

article about death

She was talking to my long-dead grandmother.

I got up and kissed her forehead. “Là voilà,” I said through my sobs, without looking behind me.

“D’accord, there she is…” said the voice.

“Granny? C’est bien toi?” My voice faded to a whisper, but it didn’t matter. [Read more…]

The Machines Have Won – a scary short story for Christmas

Today we welcome American author and family history expert writer / researcher Tom Bartlett. Originally from Boston MA he now lives with his family in Milton Keynes (my UK home town) and very kindly has shared this funny-yet-slightly-scary original story … a writer’s perfect nightmare. And if you know the Boston MA area, you will recognize some of the places Tom names.

The Machines Have Won - a scary short story for Christmas

The machines have won … but have they, really?

Cameron tilted his head forward from its reclined position in the driver’s seat, and lifted the remote in his left hand up to his line of vision. With unhurried ease, he moved his right hand to the remote and punched the blue button. [Read more…]