Why handwriting just won’t lie down and die

When I’m not writing for HowToWriteBetter.net and have allowed myself some time off, I often go to “write” for a dressage judge at a horse show/competition (NB: dressage is a bit like ballet performed by horse and rider, on a flat surface rather than over jumps.)

While the judge keeps his/her beady eyes on the horse and rider in the arena, s/he makes comments on each movement and then awards it a mark. My job is to take the dictation – write down the comments on the score sheet and place the mark in the right box. At the end of the competition the rider takes the sheet home so they can study the judge’s comments at leisure.

So my handwriting has to be legible. Yet some judges say an awful lot, very quickly. And the boxes on the score sheets in which to write all this are often very, very small.

All this has focused my feeble brain on the continuing need for people to practise good handwriting.

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