Blogging-mas … Christmas songs with blogging lyrics to sing along to


Don’t forget to blog this Christmas!

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not you can’t fail to have noticed the music around us at this time of the year.

Here are my interpretations of the lyrics for two popular Christmas songs, along with some live performances to which you can sing along… [Read more…]

Top-of-the-flops: 10 Chanukah songs that didn’t make the charts

To commemorate the end of Chanukah … hope you had a happy and peaceful time, and hope you enjoy these, er, potentially popular song titles…


Top-of-the-flops: 10 Chanukah songs that didn't make the charts

Oy to the World


Schlepping through a Winter Wonderland


Hava Negilah – The Megamix


Bubby Got Run Over by a Reindeer


Enough with those God Damn Jingle Bells Already…Jeez!


Matzo Man (by the Lower East Side Village People)


I Have a Little Dreidel (the Barking Dog Version)


Come on Baby, Light My Menorah


Deck the Halls with Balls of Matzoh


Silent Night?  I Should Be So Lucky


photo credit: scazon via photopin cc