The challenges of business writing in a multilingual culture

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There are 78 different living languages in Côte d’Ivoire alone

It’s hard enough to write successfully for business in a single-language country. But now try to do that in a country where there are 11 official languages … I asked South African content writer Jade Mitchell to tell us how she copes, and to share her advice for the rest of us when we need to do similar projects. Sz [Read more…]

What are you doing to celebrate Spring?


Whatever your faith, share this celebration of the
northern hemisphere’s Springtime festivals

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Nelson Mandela RIP: a sad goodbye to the power of his peaceful words

small__2616534609Today we have had to say goodbye to one of the world’s greatest statesmen, and someone who – despite lengthy imprisonment – believed that talking and using words were what would lead to solutions of national and international problems. [Read more…]