Spam, assignment writing services and other crap: trying or trivial?

Do you ever get spammed by covert assignment writing services and other shady outfits writing to you about what they can do that your customers will love, and you know perfectly well they haven’t even grasped what your business is all about?

spam about assignment writing services on HTWB

Before you start spamming English language writing sites, learn grammar and how to ****ing spell.

Do you sigh and hit the delete key patiently, feeling sorry for these poor lambs who are struggling to get ahead and do not yet understand that a) spamming is a sin and b) spamming and getting their facts wrong is an even greater sin?

Or do you spit fur and feathers and rant about how people in business who can’t be bothered to do their homework should have been sterilised at birth?

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And the Hilarious Spam Of The Week award goes to…

This week I’ve had some real spam email doozers lurch into my inbox. Please help me decide which is the worst/funniest …

And the Hilarious Spam Of The Week award goes to...Paypal
Dear Costomer,
we would like to let you know that paypal. had received the report,
and are setting up your account. You have the labilité to activate your account.
If you want to stay with us Members, please visit
Can you let me know what a labilité is? Yours confused from Milton Keynes, A Costomer.
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