Bureaucracy-speak: red tape jargon in perspective at long last

If you are growing to hate the red tape jargon surrounding your job – especially if you work in the public sector – this video will help put it all into a comfortable perspective for you.

This was shared by someone I know who works for the federal Canadian Government in Ottawa. However I suspect it … or derivations of it … are applicable to pretty much any English-language country.

And translations of it are likely to be applicable almost anywhere else in the world.

What have we done to deserve such de-humanizing language and concepts as these?

Bureaucracy-speak in action…

Don’t you just love that little girl?

And don’t you just fear for her, in case she should end up having to dwell by those phrases in real life should she choose to follow a career in the public sector?

Jargon jars.

What do you think?

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