How to survive a media interview – down the line, TV

When you’re to be interviewed for a broadcast program on TV and you’re based some distance away from the TV station concerned, although sometimes just an audio track will be used as in radio “down the line”, you’re likely to go to a related TV studio closer to where you live and be interviewed “down the line.” More convenient and cheaper all around. There, you’ll be interviewed via an ISDN line while sitting in front of a remote camera and conversing with an unseen interviewer.

How to survive a media interview - down the line, TV

A television down the line interview will be done with you in a remote studio many miles away from the initiating broadcaster. They will insert an appropriate background electronically and ask you questions via an earpiece or other prompting device.

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Should we all be speaking and writing Globish?

Globish,English,writing,blogging,Suzan St Maur,, How To Write BetterDo you think anyone who tries to simplify the English language so numerous cultures can use it and understand each other well, is nuts? Or a genius?

This was a question I asked when discussing Globish with my good friend and German teacher Angelika, and I decided to investigate further. Did I find a group of well-meaning academics trying to invent some sort of anglicized Esperanto? Not at all. [Read more…]

Globish: the full basic list of accepted English words

HTWB Globish 1Here, to go with today’s article about Globish – a simplified version of English designed to help all cultures understand each other as English-as-second-language speakers – is the full list of their 1,500 base words.

Enjoy – and practice using them! As it says in the main article, you can check how your text works (or not) in Globish by using their handy scanner here.

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Help! I’ve got to give a short speech at my company’s Holidays do and I’m no extrovert…

speeches,business,social,presentations,public speaking,weddings,occasions,writing,speakingDear HTWB Agony Columns

As a senior manager at my company I’ve been asked to say a few words at our Holidays party on behalf of “the workers…” I know what basic things I should say but hell – it’s the Holidays, so I know I should lighten up a bit. But that will be hard for me as I’m not what you’d
call a “showman.” What do you recommend?

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Why words are still the most powerful weapons of all

small__303591206It has been a long time since someone’s words spoken in a speech have moved me to put my hands up in admiration, but this example had me absolutely enraptured – and in tears. [Read more…]

Speeches and presentations: scripted or seat of the pants?

medium_2075045856 (1)Having written literally thousands of speeches for clients over many years, I firmly believe in the discipline scripts provide so that from there, you make a natural yet well structured presentation.

Many others, including experts like my dear friend, presentation training supremo Simon Raybould, would not necessarily agree. But let’s get something straight here. [Read more…]