Get ready for the wedding speech season…

It won’t be long now until the first rash of spring weddings springs itself upon us. If you are any one of the following, there’s plenty of help here on HTWB to make sure your speech is just what you want to make your day even more special.

Get ready for the wedding speech season...

Do you have a wedding coming up this year? Will you be making a speech? Here’s some help to get that organised now, so you don’t need to worry about it nearer the time…

Here on HTWB you’ll find help to put your speech together if you’re…

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10 quick tips for talks and speeches: how to time yours perfectly

If you do any kind of public speaking – whether an elevator speech at a business meeting, a speech at a wedding, a presentation to colleagues, or anything else – keeping your content to a set time is usually very important.

10 quick tips for talks and speeches: how to time yours perfectly

As you grow more confident, you’ll find you depend less and less on your script, so work with highlighting key points to remind you – then ad lib the rest

And there’s nothing more embarrassing than being “buzzed” because you’re running over your time slot … being frantically waved at by an event organiser who is desperate to keep the meeting on schedule when you seem to be talking on blithely … or watching a social audience get twitchy, desperate to move on to the bar or to the toilets, or both.

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1. No worries: timing your talk or speech is simple

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Business writing stories from the coalface…your business or your life

Life as a business writing wallah isn’t always merely a matter of applying fingers to keyboard. Here’s one short story that I think I should save for the autobiography…

Never waste a business opportunity

Business writing stories from the coalface...your business or your life

When you write speeches for life assurance sales people, you ARE going to buy a policy from them. Aren’t you.

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Why you should know what I do for the day job

If you need some help to inject more inspiration, zap and money-making effectiveness into your business writing, you’ve found the right writer. And yes: this is a b*lls-out, no BS promotional post. Why?

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Horse riding (especially dressage)
is a favorite hobby of mine.
In this shot, the horse is on the right…;-)

Because for the last three-and-a-half years I have been posting here on HTWB about topics to help you  write better, by yourself.

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Nelson Mandela RIP: a sad goodbye to the power of his peaceful words

small__2616534609Today we have had to say goodbye to one of the world’s greatest statesmen, and someone who – despite lengthy imprisonment – believed that talking and using words were what would lead to solutions of national and international problems. [Read more…]

Help! I’ve got to give a short speech at my company’s Holidays do and I’m no extrovert…

speeches,business,social,presentations,public speaking,weddings,occasions,writing,speakingDear HTWB Agony Columns

As a senior manager at my company I’ve been asked to say a few words at our Holidays party on behalf of “the workers…” I know what basic things I should say but hell – it’s the Holidays, so I know I should lighten up a bit. But that will be hard for me as I’m not what you’d
call a “showman.” What do you recommend?

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