National Grammar Day – celebrate with goofs from the UK Daily Fail

In honour of (USA) National Grammar Day tomorrow (March 4th, 2017) let’s celebrate with the pick of my entire collection of hilariously wrong quotes from that newspaper we all love to hate. (Who said the Grammar Police don’t have a sense of humor?)

national grammar day on HTWB
And please note, the quotes in bold below are verbatim. My own comments follow in italics.

**Bling: Kim posted this image of the £3.5m ring that was stolen on Instagram before the robbery. I thought the ring was stolen during the robbery – anyway, you were lucky to catch it all on Instagram. [Read more…]

NOW will you listen to why good spelling matters?

If you still think good spelling doesn’t really matter in these informal online days, just take a look at this catalogue of stupid goofs.

But don’t laugh. Why? Because most of these images shared on social media serve only to remind us why if we want to be taken seriously, we need to get our spelling right.

HTWB spelling mistake are dangerous

This was on social media recently. Numerous jokes were made about “brians.” The poor lady’s message was forgotten.

If spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. are wrong, people tend to focus on that

And while they’re chuckling at a mistake, what else happens? [Read more…]

How to write better thanks to GSPS

A new form of satellite navigation system? No – a new formula to use to help you write better for your work, leisure or creative writing, as I originally mentioned in this article.

HTWB GSPS 01It’s simple, and it works because it’s simple.

Here’s how to use GSPS to help you write better…

[Read more…]

Latest unforgivable writing mistakes on social media last week…

What’s wrong with you guys? In the last week I have been online a lot, mostly because I’m at home recovering from pneumonia and catching up with my writing after a week in the hospital.

Could you write better than this?

And what do I find in social media posts, blog posts, emails, web text, etc., written by intelligent, educated business folks but the following … and trust me, these represent the tip of the iceberg… [Read more…]

Grammar quiz again – fun with this ridiculous language, answers

And welcome back to our Grammar Quiz … following on from our earlier quiz this year with the questions here and the answers here. As I said last week, this one is slightly different in format and is based on an exercise we do in one of my workshops.

Grammar quiz again - fun with this ridiculous language, answersSo now, the answers to the quiz put up last week. I deliberately have avoided using any grammar jargon so anyone can get why some are wrong and some are right, without being flummoxed with pompous verbiage… [Read more…]

Grammar quiz again – fun with this ridiculous language, questions

Grammar quiz again - fun with this ridiculous language ... questions (answers next week)As everyone seemed to enjoy our last grammar quiz with questions here and answers here, I thought we’d try another one for fun.

This one is slightly different in format and is based on an exercise we do in one of my workshops.

Answers next week…so watch out for them.

In the meantime, by all means jot down what you feel are the correct sentences, in the comments section down below.

Read on, and good luck! [Read more…]