Where you should stick your apostrophes

Where to stick your apostrophes

Do you know where you can stick yours?

“To those who care about punctuation, a sentence such as ‘Thank God its Friday’ (without the apostrophe) rouses feelings not only of despair but of violence,” says Lynne Truss in her classic humorous book “Eats, Shoots and Leaves.”

“The confusion of the possessive ‘its’ (without apostrophe) with the contractive ‘it’s’ (with apostrophe) is an unequivocal signal of illiteracy and sets off a simple Pavlovian ‘kill’ response in the average stickler.”

Now, whether or not you feel like killing someone when you see an apostrophe misused is not something I want to discuss here. But for those who sometimes feel an urge to kick the cat when looking at a straying apostrophe, believe me, you’re not alone. [Read more…]