What to write for your readers when they’re on their holidays

When your readers /customers are on vacation, or are about to go on vacation, or even are just thinking about it, you can forgive them for not focusing quite as hard on your business or other activity’s message as they might at other times.

writing for readers on vacation

People on vacation seldom switch off completely from blogs and social media, so keep some of your blogs and posts in tune with them while they’re away.

But rather than just accept it as a seasonal fact of life, in some cases you can actually use this “holiday spirit” to your advantage.

Here are a few examples to get you thinking…and most important of all, how to get your readers coming back to your site for helpful information not only before and after, but while they are away on their holidays.

(Most of the following are ideas that could be developed into a short series of blogs and/or social media posts over the summer. And apologies to readers in the southern hemisphere: maybe you should bookmark this to read again in November!)

15 ideas for summer holiday topics – e.g. if you’re a ….

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Travellers’ trials – jokes to cheer up your summer holidays

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