The most disgusting medical joke ever written…

While trawling through my humour database looking for a funny for today’s #SundaySmile, I tripped over this medical joke which is so revolting, it’s funny in its own right because of its horribly ironic, yet logical good sense.

the most disgusting medical joke ever

What better way could there be to teach medical students how to pay attention?

What’s even funnier is that Med School students could well learn essential lessons here

…and what better way to get them to pay attention, follows in this somewhat, er, graphic representation of the way forward.

If you’re squeamish, move on. But if you’re not, enjoy this laugh! [Read more…]

Grammar humor – what a difference a dot makes

If you think punctuation is for the precious grammar police, have a read of these. Yes, most of them are funny.

Grammar humor - what a difference a dot makes
But trust me … incorrect punctuation really can get you into some serious doo-doo. Be warned, read on, and enjoy!

If you don’t think punctuation is important …

…try forgetting the comma when you write to someone “I’m sorry, I love you.”

Other classic whoopsies

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The latest Daily Fail whoopsies: your SundaySmile

Another bumper crop of how the UK’s Daily Fail caption writers thumb their noses at syntax and logic – enjoy.

Funny caption mistakes from the Daily Fail

“Sitting atop of a stallion, the Little Mix star posed up a storm as her beau snapped away on her camera.” (Trust me, no stallion would put up with that bullsh*t.)

Some recent pearls of p*ss-poor writing…

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British history 101 … 101 years ago!

We often talk about “101” … but this is a bit different. Here an unknown author has written out how things were in Britain just 101 years ago, in 1915. In the light of Britain’s recent vote to leave the European Union, these figures (assuming they’re true) are especially interesting.

History 101 ... 101 years ago

101 years ago: crossword puzzles, canned beer, and iced tea hadn’t been invented yet.

In 1915, not only was Britain in the grip of World War One, but also …

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Remember the Darwin Awards? Here are the latest winners

Many thanks to my good friend Laurence H. from London, England, who keeps me informed about each year’s Darwin Awards. Please be warned, the following is not suitable for readers of a nervous or clean-living disposition but if you have a good sense of the ridiculous you will probably cope. And laugh.

Remember the Darwin Awards? Here are the latest winners

Yes, it’s that magical time of year again when the Darwin Awards are bestowed, honouring the least evolved among us. [Read more…]

What not to write as a mashup hashtag or URL

What not to write as a mashup hashtag or URL

Unexpected rude and highly embarrassing words can jump out of perfectly innocent URLs and hashtags

WARNING: not really “safe for work.” Much as we love to telescope real words to create hashtags and URLs (Uniform Resource Locators), sometimes the way they end up looking can lead to some embarrassing misinterpretations. I’m sure psychologists could tell us how the eye-to-brain link-up plays mischievous games here, but whatever the reason some undesirable new words (or near new words) can jump straight out at readers from your innocent verbal mashup… [Read more…]