Great Business Writing 2015 – 10 golden rules updated again

Just over a year ago I shared an update on a previous post, all about the 10 Golden Rules of Great Business Writing. Even though it’s only one year since the last one appeared, I thought it was worth seeing just if – and if so how – things have moved on in that 13 month period. Here are the results…

HTWB golden rules 2015

The 10 Golden Rules of Great Business Writing: how does high tech affect them – or not?

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Thank you, technology, for f—ing up my writing business

technology,writing business,20th century,scripts,scriptwriting,corporate videoHave you and your skillset been shafted by the miniaturization of media production costs?

Mine were, along with those of many thousands of colleagues whose value in soft skills got flushed down the toilet by the cost of hard skills and equipment coming down to little more than that of a Happy Meal with a small Coke. [Read more…]

Writing on my IPlod: a quick techno-snigger for Luddites

HTWB IPlodDespite the dazzling array of IT we now carry around so we can email Australia while grocery shopping in Toronto and update our Facebook page in the shower, there are still times when low-tech stuff wipes the floor with high-tech wizardry. [Read more…]