Anyone for business blogging? New balls, please

Updated June 27th, 2019. Gauging the usefulness of blogging for business over the last few years has been like watching a tennis match: plink, plonk, game to either the yay-sayers or the nay-sayers, depending who’s on top form that month. In honour of the forthcoming Wimbledon tournament in the UK, here’s a look at how the blogging championship is shaping up this year…(2019.)

Anyone for business blogging? New balls, please

No-one ever said blogging for business had to be confined to text. Deuce.

The topic rides a roller coaster, it seems with highs when the digital marketing scene is relatively quiet, and lows when the latest new social media toy-toy emerges to beat it in straight sets. But like many good veteran players, blogging for business isn’t gotten rid of that easily.

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