Ottawa shootings: a few words that express disgust

Today’s appalling shootings in Canada’s capital, Ottawa, have churned my heart up, not least because my beloved cousin Alyson works for the government and as I write this, is still in her building on lockdown. I have been in touch with her and she and her colleagues are OK.

Ottawa shootings: a few words that express disgust

Ottawa’s Parliament building in happier times

At this time I suspect that the atrocities in Ottawa are not unconnected with the awful, awful incident in Québec two days earlier during which time a disgusting Muslim terrorist ran over two innocent soldiers, killing one and terribly maiming the other. [Read more…]

What the noble Kenyans have taught us about diversity

HTWB NairobiOf course there are disgusting attacks on human beings in many countries around the world. Only on Sunday there were at least 75 innocent people killed in a twin-suicide bombing in Pakistan on a Christian Church.

On Saturday Somalian Islamic extremists killed what may turn out to be an even greater number (at this time of writing over 60 innocent victims) – along with approaching 200 injured – also in the name of their religion. [Read more…]