Writing online: naked words work hardest

People say a picture’s worth 1,000 words. But a few right, naked words are worth much more than 1,000 wrong ones whether pictorial or otherwise. Especially online in blog posts, web text, and above all in social media posts and comments.

Writing online: naked words work hardestWhy?
Because even though we have images, video, audio, infographics or other gizmos online, what really reverberates is words. Text.

Despite the popularity of live video on platforms like Facebook, Instagram et al, can you be sure that viewers will retain your message loud and clear? Even if they’re a little bit distracted by your beautiful earrings, the potted plant growing out of your left ear, or the zit on your chin? [Read more…]

Editing your online writing – 10 Quick Tips

Editing your online writing - 10 Quick TipsYou know how it feels … you’re looking through your article or blog post and you see things you want to change, so you add in a few words here, take out a few words there, and press “save” assuming the result will be what you intended. Then you hit “publish,” “send” or whatever other point-of-no-return you’re using. [Read more…]

Video: only when you have the luxury of time

Video: only when you have the luxury of time

It may be a bit of a Pavlov Dog reaction but people often sit back and take a breather when they watch even a short business video, as they do when watching TV at home

In our mad rush of information of today, do we really have time to absorb it from a video or audio program – when text is absorbed a lot faster?

Don’t for a moment think I’m going to berate the use of video for business and other online communication. [Read more…]

Back to business basics: bad text, good text


Have we overlooked how to
write good marketing text?

In our never-ending quest for bigger and better altruistic, non-salesy blog posts, it’s easy to forget that marketing writing is still an important part of the business portfolio.

It’s a little alarming, therefore, to see that many smaller businesses, in particular, may be blogging away quite cheerfully but still produce marketing and sales copy on their websites and in their printed promotional material, that’s positively incestuous in its “we-wee” focus and makes the customer-to-be feel about as welcome as a t*rd in a swimming pool. [Read more…]

How to make simple text images with MS Office

HTWB HUMOR logoRecently a reader asked me if she could “steal” my “Humor In Writing” image to use on her blog, because she liked it so much.  I said yes, of course, because I’m nice like that. But I also said, hey – I made it myself using MS Office, my wheezy old desktop here at Chateau StMoo, and my WordPress site. [Read more…]

Is your type sexy enough?


HTWB sexy typeDoes your type resonate with your readers and make them lust after your wonderful words? Does it draw them into your very being and sell them on how wonderful you are? Or does it put them off after just a few sentences?

No, I’m not going into soft porn: purely into how attractive your typestyles are in the text that you publish online.

In a recent article here on HTWB we got into some lengthy and fascinating discussions not only about business cards, which was the original topic, but also about various typographical matters that can influence how people view you … as well as the printed words that represent you.

This got me thinking about wider usages of typography in business and other online (and offline) communication, and here are some of the issues that struck me as important. What do you think? [Read more…]