How to write better follow-ups to your seminars and training sessions

If you read my recent article “How to write better F2F seminars and training sessions” you’ll know I dangled a carrot – about how to make your messages stick in participants’s minds, rather than get dribbled away by time, stress, cluttered brain syndrome and more.

Writing better follow ups to seminars and training

Geography permitting, you could set up a semi-social networking group, or (if appropriate) an internal social group, consisting of the original live events’ participants and a few other key individuals.

It doesn’t matter how interested people are. It doesn’t matter how dramatic and fascinating the content is. It doesn’t matter how much you pay a famous keynote speaker to whip them up into a frenzy and get them dancing all the way out to the parking lot shouting the company tagline.

They forget. [Read more…]

How to write better F2F seminars and training sessions

Despite the increasing amount of virtual seminars and training technology available now – or perhaps even because of it – the face-to-face offline variety is still very much alive and kicking.

How to write better F2F seminars and training sessions

You can put your audience into small groups (with a facilitator) and send them off to breakout rooms or other quiet spots, depending on your venue, to work on some sort of exercise.

With so many digital toy-toys around to distract participants and isolate them from each other, good writing skills in live sessions can help create a powerful group dynamic, focused enthusiasm and longer-term content retention.

Here are the key issues you need to get right…and how to do it: [Read more…]