Why your website text is NOT about your business

No, it’s not a typo.

It’s not about you

You lose count, don’t you, of the number of websites you see that talk all about the company concerned, when it started, what it prides itself on, and all manner of other “we-wee” words.

how to write good business website text by Suzan St Maur on HTWB

It starts on the “home page” with a lot of information your customers don’t need yet, if at all.

Then you go to the “about us” page and there’s more information that’s not relevant to what your customers are looking for (do they really care where the founder went to college in the 1950s?). [Read more…]

Writing website copy for the right place in the buying cycle

Writing website copy for the right place in the buying cycleMuch as you have to admire the sheer good sense of the evergreen rules of advertising copywriting, we need to ask ourselves if contemporary website copy (as opposed to content, which is different again) should be a little more discriminatory when we sell our wares online.

I was interested to read this article recently by Phil Frost on Web Marketing Today … especially where he says “Your site must grab the prospects’ attention and convince them to buy from you instead of the other available options.”

Of course, Phil is right. But wait a minute… [Read more…]