Weddings – it’s official. Women’s speeches are IN!

Society eyebrows were raised in many well-heeled quarters a few weeks ago when Meghan Markle let it be known that she was going to make a speech at her wedding to the UK’s very eligible bachelor, Prince Harry.

Weddings: it's official - women's speeches are IN

In the modern world of the 21st century, women have been making wedding speeches for many years. But a High Five to Meghan Markle who, we’re told, intends to make a speech at her upcoming wedding to the UK’s Prince Harry in May 2018 despite this being a break in royal protocol…

“Meghan Markle will be doing things differently from those who wed at Windsor Castle before her, with reports that she is planning on breaking tradition by giving her own speech,” wrote Rose Burke in The Independent, Jan 29th 2018. “As an advocate for women, it shouldn’t be too surprising that Markle plans on ditching the tradition. In a not-so-distant past, women were considered to be little more than property worth about as much as a few cows and a small patch of grass. Owned by their fathers from birth, girls would eventually be married off to the highest bidder.” [Read more…]

International Women’s Day: 10 tips for women to make great wedding speeches

Updated March 7th, 2020. Although we still have a very long way to go in some areas to bring about more equality, in one area at least the traditional formats now usually take a back seat, or are even thrown out on their back seats altogther. The answer? Wedding speeches.

In fact old-fashioned weddings themselves are becoming obsolete as time goes on, especially with same-sex and non-religious weddings, hand-fastings, civil partnerships plus gender neutrality, trans people and more. All of this leads away from the traditional all-male line-up of speech makers and women are making wedding speeches, too – even if the wedding concerned is traditional.

10 tips for women to make great wedding speeches

No women would have spoken at this US wedding more than 100 years ago … but times have changed.

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If you’re due to give a wedding speech soon, here are some tips you’ll find very helpful…

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Get ready for the wedding speech season…

It won’t be long now until the first rash of spring weddings springs itself upon us. If you are any one of the following, there’s plenty of help here on HTWB to make sure your speech is just what you want to make your day even more special.

Get ready for the wedding speech season...

Do you have a wedding coming up this year? Will you be making a speech? Here’s some help to get that organised now, so you don’t need to worry about it nearer the time…

Here on HTWB you’ll find help to put your speech together if you’re…

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