International Women’s Day: 10 tips for women to make great wedding speeches

Updated March 7th, 2020. Although we still have a very long way to go in some areas to bring about more equality, in one area at least the traditional formats now usually take a back seat, or are even thrown out on their back seats altogther. The answer? Wedding speeches.

In fact old-fashioned weddings themselves are becoming obsolete as time goes on, especially with same-sex and non-religious weddings, hand-fastings, civil partnerships plus gender neutrality, trans people and more. All of this leads away from the traditional all-male line-up of speech makers and women are making wedding speeches, too – even if the wedding concerned is traditional.

10 tips for women to make great wedding speeches

No women would have spoken at this US wedding more than 100 years ago … but times have changed.

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If you’re due to give a wedding speech soon, here are some tips you’ll find very helpful…

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