Why FRESH is such a lovely word…

Do you have a favourite word? One that sounds as good as it means? Here’s one you might like to ponder – in verse, of course…on #HTWB

MIschieverse funny poems on HTWB

Fresh is the nip of hunger when you gaze at fruit and veg before you…


Isn’t “fresh” a lovely word?
Invigorates your faith in life
Spices up those sounds unheard
Chases out the cobwebs rife. [Read more…]

What words to choose when you’re on live video

What words to choose when you're on live video

Watch out, you’re on live video…

These days we see video – a lot of it of terrible quality, but never mind – almost everywhere.

No sooner does someone get up to speak at a meeting than someone else exposes their sweaty armpits as they raise a smartphone up and film the person … [Read more…]

Ottawa shootings: a few words that express disgust

Today’s appalling shootings in Canada’s capital, Ottawa, have churned my heart up, not least because my beloved cousin Alyson works for the government and as I write this, is still in her building on lockdown. I have been in touch with her and she and her colleagues are OK.

Ottawa shootings: a few words that express disgust

Ottawa’s Parliament building in happier times

At this time I suspect that the atrocities in Ottawa are not unconnected with the awful, awful incident in Québec two days earlier during which time a disgusting Muslim terrorist ran over two innocent soldiers, killing one and terribly maiming the other. [Read more…]

More top misspelled English words

HTWB spelling 2Some time ago I shared an A-to-Z list of commonly misspelled English words. Here are some more … and I even managed to find some more starting with the awkward letters, especially X.

How many might you get wrong? [Read more…]

Top 10 clichés that make me throw up

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Model: a catwalking strutting zombie-lookalike

Do you hate clichés as much as I do? Here are my top ten favorites in reverse puke-making order, and why.

#10 – Model 
No, not a glued-up plastic toy airplane or even a catwalking strutting zombie-lookalike, but a way of doing or structuring business. It’s not a bad analogy, really, because it provides a reasonable description of what it means without being a fannying euphemism for something a lot more evil. Predecessors include: blueprint, method, structure, setup. Also “model” as a verb – means to copy. Why? See “channel.” [Read more…]

Are Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” words a sign of happier times?

pharrell williams,happy,song,music,Suzan St Maur,howtowritebetter.net,how to write better,wordsSongs and their lyrics – like Pharrell Williams‘ “Happy” – often reflect the mood of a country or now, given our “global village” technology, large chunks of the world. Released in November 2013 and used as a soundtrack for the movie Despicable Me 2, Pharrell Williams‘ song has become an anthem picked up by millions. [Read more…]