Are Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” words a sign of happier times?

pharrell williams,happy,song,music,Suzan St Maur,,how to write better,wordsSongs and their lyrics – like Pharrell Williams‘ “Happy” – often reflect the mood of a country or now, given our “global village” technology, large chunks of the world. Released in November 2013 and used as a soundtrack for the movie Despicable Me 2, Pharrell Williams‘ song has become an anthem picked up by millions. [Read more…]

Cartoonists: in the beginning is The Word

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Illustration for an article: Valentine’s Day originated from the sacrifice of goats and dogs followed by slapping women and crop fields with the bloody dripping hides stripped from the goats.
Hence this cartoon…

Recently I asked my good friend Simon Ellinas, cartoonist and caricaturist extraordinaire, to share what he sees as the relationship between cartoons and words. Here is his very funny yet poignant and fascinating response…

What do words mean to a cartoonist? [Read more…]

Nelson Mandela RIP: a sad goodbye to the power of his peaceful words

small__2616534609Today we have had to say goodbye to one of the world’s greatest statesmen, and someone who – despite lengthy imprisonment – believed that talking and using words were what would lead to solutions of national and international problems. [Read more…]

Why we need to give thanks to the USA

Thanksgiving,USA,America,Britain,humor,laughsUPDATED NOVEMBER 2020 … and this was written in gloriously pre-Trump days … On the day when families gather all over the USA to give thanks, it’s only fitting that we here in the UK should think about the things for which we owe gratitude to our American friends. Here are some of my suggestions. Even if you’re American – tell us what we really should be grateful for. (And can we forget the Boston Tea Party once and for all please?)

[Read more…]

Why pizza truth can be much stranger than fiction …

HTWB pizza deliveryAn old story that’s purported to be true…

…when the reality seems so ridiculous that no-one can believe you’re being serious…

Yes, it’s funny.

But it could happen for real… [Read more…]

Twerking: a guide for etymologists

HTWB ass 1I can hear it now … the chorus of intellectuals in the portals of universities in English-speaking countries trilling their joy at the entry of a relatively new word into our everyday parlance. Twerking! Welcome! [Read more…]