Website video – want the laugh of the century in Milton Keynes?

Website video - want the laugh of the century in Milton Keynes?

Can you stand watching me on video for 90 seconds? Warning: my hair is longer and my chins are fatter.

Well, much as I love writing for video and have done for some years now … and have been the interviewer on literally thousands of “off-camera” video interviews in the past … join me now to take a bit of retribution for all those poor in-vision presenters and interviewees I put through hell.

Here is “moi” on camera, unscripted, uninterviewed, just saying her piece at Jon Baker’s Social Media training and networking event in Milton Keynes yesterday morning. Shot by our very own local business networking answer to Steven Spielberg, the inimitable Mark Orr, and with greetings from some of our colleagues. It’s a great event despite starting at 07:00 hrs …! [Read more…]

How to be the most referable expert in your business: next week in Milton Keynes

Did you know that about 75 percent of new business in most marketplaces comes from referrals?

Business networking Milton Keynes: can you afford to miss this referability chance?That’s a staggering amount. And yet just how much attention do people pay to ensuring they genuinely are the most referable expert in their field, whether that’s local, regional, national or international?

If you’re in business, getting referred on someone’s honest recommendation is probably the best (and cheapest) marketing tool you can use to increase your sales and profitability. [Read more…]

See you in Toronto!

Air Canada

Today I will be spending 7 hours 40 minutes or so in an Air Canada Boeing en route to Toronto from London Heathrow.

But stay tuned, because I’ve lined up a few goodies for you in the meantime, and I’ll be looking in from time to time, too.

Play nicely while I’m away…