Writing about yourself? You are the BRAND, baby

Probably the most important thing the internet and particularly social media have done is to turn marketers’ perception of us from that of basic, dim-witted consumers … to that of intelligent, questioning buyers who just aren’t going to be fooled by hard-sell bullsh*t any more.

Writing about yourself? You are the BRAND, baby

When you write about yourself for business you have got to look upon yourself not as the person, but as the brand your work represents.

In fact what we have seen is a massive paradigm shift from the days when writing about yourself was about selling yourself and your stuff to people in one-way communication…

…to a time now when you get involved with your marketplace, get to know the people, and then help them to buy.

And that’s whether you want them to buy your product, your services, or even you – yourself.

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How to keep writing for business when you’ve got Baby Brain…

In this article we welcome freelance blogger and copywriter Ariel Rule, from Portland, Oregon, who shares how she keeps her business writing show on the road despite having a newborn plus a toddler to distract her from creating those magical words. Lady writers with kids, you will remember this challenge well.

How to keep writing for business when you've got Baby Brain...

Are you a new Mom with Baby brain? Don’t take on more than you can handle, says Ariel Rule.

Despite my having participated in a conference call about a marketing campaign proposal while en route to hospital in labour with my son, once he had emerged into the world some hours later my brain turned to mashed potatoes and I have been struggling to fix that ever since. (My son is now 23.)

Here’s how Ariel is coping…plus some very useful advice on how you ladies who write for a living – or who have to write for business – can cope for yourselves. 

Pregnancy Brain. Momma Brain. Baby Brain.

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Thank you, Google Small Business Community!

Was thrilled to find that one of HTWB’s articles had been included in this huge Google Plus community’s picks of the week. Check out the other excellent articles and posts recommended by moderator Berrak Sarikaya, too. Here I share the post she put up on the site…

Thank you, Google Small Business Community

Google Small Business Community Week in Review

This week was filled with excellent advice for finding new clients, executing your content marketing strategy, and more.

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