What to write to someone who is depressed

This article is not about the professionals’ answers on how to deal with depression. It’s about how we as ordinary people should react when faced with a friend or family member who is dealing with it: the professionals are the next step, if necessary. In the meantime, how can we help our friend appropriately?

How to handle depression in a friend

The most important thing to your friend at this point is just to know you’re there for them

What about your initial response to a friend who is depressed?

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How to find the writing help you need on #HTWB

With more than 1,200 articles and tutorials on writing here on #HTWB, you may start finding a bit tricky to find what you need. So FYI, here is a breakdown of the most popular categories and specifically how they can help you with your writing.

the writing help you need on HTWB

Not sure where to look for the writing help you need here on #HWTB? This article is a useful guide.

Below all that, you’ll find a selection of the most popular articles with links to them directly. But in the meantime, here are …

Our most popular categories here on #HTWB

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Writing for business online: how can this site help you from now on?

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Not just “know how,” but what
do YOU want to know next?

Recently I had a big meltdown with HTWB when I discovered that a big chunk of what I thought was “traffic” turned out to be spam from China. Now that we’ve blocked China from the site, guess what? Reads and visits have dropped.

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