Guess what – text-based blogging’s still in fashion!

You have to smile. Blogging for business (and other activities) has been around probably for longer than any other social media (SM) incarnation and no sooner do the SM platforms come up with new goodies as alternatives, does text-based blogging get pushed aside like last year’s fashion in underwear.

text-based blogging's still in fashion!
Until, that is, someone politely reminds bloggers that publishing on platforms other than your own site leaves you at the mercy of the platform on whose real estate your words are parked. And the new goodies have their own issues, too.

Then, someone comes up with live video

I’m sorry if I’m upsetting some of my friends here but when I watch a few of these Facebook Live productions, I wonder why on earth the speakers concerned can’t talk about something interesting and coherent?

I know it’s hard to concentrate on what you’re saying when you’re walking along a bumpy path holding your phone in one hand and with the other you’re fighting off a smelly goat or stopping your toddler from stepping into a pond full of duckweed … and still you try to produce a flashy business soundbite, but come on…. Really?

The novelty of Facebook Live is wearing off a bit now, and with luck that should lead to fewer-but-better FB Live transmissions. Let’s face it: unless the speaker is good at presenting to camera and has a planned, prepared piece to share, do we really find it riveting to watch them tripping through horse poop – or sat indoors with a plant pot growing out of one ear – while mumbling a few clichés and platitudes?

So what about Vlogging? Who needs text blogs when you can Vlog?

You Vloggers out there, here follows the answer to that question. (WTF? Vlogging = Video Blogging: a longer and more rehearsed version of the live video described above, where you record and speak your blog post to camera, then post the recording on your website – often via YouTube.)

text-based blogging's still in fashion!

Vlogging: will the Google bots get his words?

At a recent business networking event when I was doing a speaking gig about blogging, I noticed a colleague in the room whom I know to be a voice recognition software expert.

I opened up on the issue of Vlogging – and why it should be seen as a supremely finer alternative to blogging. Ahem.

I asked him if Google, YouTube, et al recognise the spoken word as much as the written word.

It’s years since I heard someone laugh that hard, and for that long.

Er, OK. How does this impact on the humble text-based blog?

For starters, when you look at many of the larger US-based websites and blogs you’ll see the spoken version to camera, but covered either by captions or a full transcript below the screenshot.

That’s because few bloggers really believe that Google will understand the soundtrack and so hedge their bets.

Given that we’re told Google, YouTube, IOS and various other wondrous establishments have the ability to hear you f*rt in the shower in your own home and correlate that into what they feel you should be buying tomorrow, who needs a text-based blog?

text-based blogging's still in fashion!

Siri: a paracetamol / acetaminophen tablet in a wine glass that tells you what to eat for dinner & where your socks are

Why not leave your Smartphone on “open,” share your innermost digestion problems with all your friends, family, clients … let the Siris, Alexas and other SM druids allocate the most appropriate treatments and products for you and them, and be done with it?

Should we forget real-life written communication with your readers and markets altogether?

Phew. No. No way.

There are still people … many, many people in your readerships, and mine … who love all the new incarnations of SM communication and use/appreciate those that work for them.

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But when it comes to appreciating well-founded, well-rounded, informative blog posts … guess where those people go for advice?

Don’t forget, too, that there are many, many people who regard old-fashioned quirks like ordinary blog posts as solid, stolid benchmarks of where our businesses and other activities are now.

That in itself is worth fortunes in online brownie points.

Even young people like my 26-year-old son find the written word – in printed form, too, not as an eDocument – credible and reassuring.

text-based blogging's still in fashion!

Alexa: this version also has a very helpful secondary use if you’re stuck for a hockey puck

Naturally this is a hangover from older times when Siri, Alexa, Facebook, Twitter and all that didn’t exist. Written text is familiar and comforting, rather like having some milk and cookies before bed.

As such, to go along with that old-fashioned notion is perhaps a rather negative attitude. However it’s true.

And it will take at least one more generation of human beings before that antiquated bit of the gene pool gets mutated out of us.

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So whatever you do, don’t dismiss the power of text-based blogging. (Well, for the next 20 years or so, anyway!)

How do you feel about text-based blogging now that there are so many alternatives?

Please share your thoughts!






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