The A-2-Z of business blog writing: A for Advertising

HTWB advertisingMany people still think their blogs are a good place to advertise their products and services. They are wrong. Why? Because blogs are about connecting with customers and prospects on a personal basis which is linked to your business relationship – not hard sell.

OK – this can be the background build-up that supports sales, but to shove sales stuff down readers’ throats here is about as appropriate as hard-selling ice cream to people whose freezers have just broken down.

It’s all about relationships, hence blogging

I know, I know. Everywhere you look on the internet and particularly within Social Media we’re talking about developing and nurturing relationships before anyone tries to sell something to someone. And in all honesty, that’s probably right.

For too long we have been pestered by high-powered selling through the media whatever the media chosen to make it happen, and people are – frankly – fed up with it. Even though I’m a marketing-based business writer by trade, I feel disgruntled when I scroll through my junk file deleting endless emails of bullsh*t purporting to be of genuine interest to me.

How can we promote our businesses by nurturing relationships via blogs?

1.By being yourself. One of the most wonderful things the internet and its derivatives have done for us is to strip down a lot of the old advertising hot air that could be spread around and instead focus both advertisers and customers/clients on the knickers-off truth of what really matters. It’s a joy to see how business honesty is appreciated by customers and clients now, whether they want to buy low-priced cosmetics or multi-thousand business systems.

2.By leaping over a lot of corporate crap, even if you’re a corporate blogger. Blogs are personal vehicles of communication and should anyone misuse this medium and try to sneak in a par-boiled corporate message, readers will get that hint right away … and move on. No matter how sneakily a corporate psychologist might try to wangle a sales message into a robust company blog post, readers (and customers) will figure it out. People are like that.

So should we assume a business blog can’t sell at all?

No. Of course it can sell, but the sales element has to be built up on mutual trust and confidence with readers/customers. This can take time, and rightly so. Would you automatically buy a product or service from a blog that you’ve only just signed up for? OK, maybe you would if the offer is good enough. But in the main, you’d need time to figure out if this product or service really is for you.

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