The A-2-Z of business blog writing: Z is for Zero

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Starting a new blog from zero?
Here are some useful tips…

If you are just starting out with a business blog from zero and are wondering what to write for the first few posts, here are some tips that I found useful when I started this site and also a couple of other blogsites I have initiated in the past.

Let’s assume that you already know what your blogsite should be all about. What do you need as a basis before you can start attracting readers?

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What’s a sensible basis for a new business blog launch from zero?

Realistically, before you can start promoting your blogsite so it gets known, you need to have a reasonable number of articles / posts in place so visitors to your new site can have a choice of things to read about.

Despite your blogsite being new, inviting guests to view merely one or two articles inevitably will lead to disappointment on their part which is the last impression you want to leave them with.

How should your posts start out – from scratch?

Obviously you need to write an introductory piece that announces the new blog, and who you are / what your business is. But this does not need to be the first post everyone sees. Why not? Because of the old features versus benefits, “what’s in it for me” story.

You may not agree with this and you could well be right, but my feeling is that your first few posts should be real throat-grabbers that address what your (of course!) carefully researched audience is dying to know about.

The introductory information about your new blog can be intertwined in these early posts, and also of course should be written up as an “About” page. But to bring the “all about me/us” story right up front isn’t going to get you as many readers, much as it may seem unfair.

What else do you use to “fill up” a brand new blog?

Readers of a new business blog will know damned well that you haven’t been collecting “readers’ questions” because you’ve only just started up. But what you can well have been listening to is customers’  questions, and these can form very effective bases for early blog posts. Try to pick the questions that occur most frequently and (dare I say it) if you haven’t got enough to hand, you could always make one or two typical questions up. But whatever you do make them real, based on real customers’ issues. There’s nothing worse than a phony sounding Q&A article.

Most of your readers, existing and potential customers will appreciate highly relevant “how to” articles. Obviously the nature of these varies enormously according to your type of business, but invariably there will be some way you can pick up on customers’ concerns and give them some easy-to-follow guidelines on processes or other issues. These articles also have the benefit of letting you write them in bulk, in advance, so that you can load them and schedule them over a period of time.

Industry news and updates are also obvious targets for a new blogsite, but obviously they are time dependent and so you can’t upload them in bulk. They make good ongoing articles, though.

Depending on the nature of your business, product and service reviews can help pad out a new blog’s content and provide your readers with a new look at that information.

So how much is enough to start out with?

The more you can offer new readers and customers, the more they will like what they read and be sure to come back to your blog for more.

Good luck!